Welcome to the Oyster Shell!


It's simple. We LOVE loyal customers. And as we have already accomplished in the VA store, we are looking forward to buildling our "family" of regular customers who know they can stop by anytime, not only to shop, but to chat with us. If you are someone who needs help putting outfits together—we are here for you! You can count on us to be honest...we won't let you leave here in anything less than fabulous! So to give you incentive to return often, Pearl is offering our fabulous customers loyalty cards.  


This is a stamp card program that is stamped  for every $50 spent in the store.  

Once 10 stamps have been collected turn in your card

and receive $50 off your purchase...

Plus a new card to start stamping all over again!  

Come in and get yours today.


***card may not be used in the same transaction that the final stamp is received and no stamps will be given for the discounted transaction***


P.S. Sometimes we get busy wrapping your purchase and talking with you, so please forgive us if we forget--and don't hesitate to remind us!