"Life is too short to wear boring clothes."  

                      —Coco Chanel

In our opinion, FLAX is the best clothing linen in the world. It’s made in Eastern Europe (Lithuania) in women-owed factories, generously sized and the epitome of comfort, (especially in the summer heat).  Each season they do several collections that cover all the looks a girl could go for.   FLAX is our favorite and best-Selling brand!  We carry sizes from Petite to 2G.

USA Made and sturdy as iron, prairie cotton is one of our favorite casual brands.  Body styles are simple, yet flattering and somewhat generous.  The amazing thing about Prairie cotton is the price!  So affordable and yet never pills, shrinks or loses its shape wash after wash and dry after dry.  These are quality classics you’ll be wearing 15 years from now!


Cut Loose is made in the USA in San Francisco.  Sizes range from XS to XL and we always have a few oversized one size pieces as well.  They emphasize natural fabrics including their famous “Linen jersey” in 70% cotton, 30% Linen that wears for years on end without pilling or shrinking.  Their linen collections are super and their garment dyed colors are truly second to none!  Almost 100% washer/dryer friendly!  Cut Loose is also great for inexpensive dressy fabrics in good rayons that can be dressed up or down for weddings and events.

Tulip is one of my favorites because it reminds of Vintage Fabric!  Most pieces are 100%  GOOD  OLD-FASHIONED, “crunchy” cotton.  It breathes and moves and never sticks to your body in the heat. Funky, whimsical body styles and prints are Tulip trademarks.  Again, all pre-shrunk and ready for the washer/dryer!  Also in the Cooler seasons, watch for Tulip Coats that are always customer favs with their unique styling and statement buttons.

Also made in San Francisco, Bryn Walker is a quality product for the adventurous woman who is not afraid to make a statement!  Body styles are generous and sassy and the quality of the fabrics is stellar!  Garment dyed each season in bold colors and great pastels, these are also pieces you will own for decades and they will withstand the passing of fashions, because of their classic styling.