Colorful, Gypsy, Boho Style...


Anna Hankey was introduced to the creative art of sewing during her high school years by a teacher who encouraged her. She continued to sew and, through trail and error, developed a distinct style.


“I love using vintage textiles, antique buttons, and snippets of antique lace and findings in my creations, which make each garment and fashion accessory distinctly unique,” she said. “My designs are easy, free-flowing clothing, plus purses and hats that have a colorful, modern gypsy, bohemian vibe. The vintage essence of each textile and trinket I find in my meanderings is important to my creations.”



We are thrilled to have her hats and purses available here at Pearl! Come in and check out her one-of-a-kind pieces—and you may just meet her as she also works in the store part time!